Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend of 40k gaming... and being clubbed

Usually I get in a few games a week by playing on Sundays, but this weekend the 40k playing was hardcore. Friday was getting my list ready for an 1850 point tournament the next day in NH a few hours away. I got my Honor Guard and their Razorback built and painted in a little under 2 days, while getting in a few practice games for next weeks 1500 pt tournament on the 2nd (that just got canceled... drama in the community). I am definitely burnt out!

Saturday was tourney day and I got clubbed on for a change. Well, it wasn't that bad but I surely didn't play very well. The players down at Triple Play NH were all veterans who knew their stuff, which I can't really say about the community in B town as a whole. The tournament was 3 games at 1850 points using Adepticon missions as the locals were practicing up to crump face in midwest USA (And I am convinced they will).

My rough 1850 list:
Librarian w/ Shield & Lance
Honor Guard w/ 4x Plasma Guns, TL Las Razorback
Tac Squad w/ Plasma, Lascannon, Sergeant w/ Combi Plas & Fist -Rhino
Tac Squad w/ Melta, Sergeant w/ Combi Melta & Fist - Land Raider Redeemer
2x Baal Preds, HB & Stormbolters
2x Vindicators
Auto Las Pred

Basically the same as my 1500 mech list with a few upgrades here and there + Plasma gun Honor Guard and their Razorback.

Game one was the only game that went my way.vs. Dark Eldar, my opponent deployed relatively in the open because he had Vect - and I presume - expected an easy seize as I chose first turn. His force consisted of 3 ravagers, Vect's ravager thing, 3x 3 man trueborn (but only one with 2x lance, the other two had splinter cannons) and I think about 3x raiders w/ lances and wyches inside. Not totally min-maxed on anti-tank, but definitely enough to make my mech list a little uneasy. Anyway, he failed his 4+ sieze and I blasted the crap out of his army. After my alpha strike I knew it was going to be really hard for him to recover. I won in Kill Points (by a very large margin) and I held 2 objectives and contested the third. He did manage to destroy my LR for the most expensive unit kill, while keeping Vect (his only model left on the board turn 5?) alive.

Game two vs Space Wolves. Now I have lots of practice fighting Wolves vs Hurricane James and he is a good player with a good list. My opponent however was throwing a curve ball with a mixed list of 2 pods with terminators, grey hunters, 3 longfang groups, and 2 wolf lords. I bubble wrapped castle, it worked, killed his pod squads and terminators with minimal losses.Vindicated one of his wolf lords (both with SS), but the other one had eternal warrior and was a pain in the ass to kill. I got it down to one wound but it kept running around popping my tanks, assaulting my tac squads and ruining any chance of victory for me. It's definitely frustrating to get punked by one model when the rest of your army is kicking butt. What's done is done, he was a good and nice player and went on to win the entire tournament.

Game three vs Orks. Knowing I was out of placing, I was just focused on having fun (that should be my objective going in to every game). 5 objectives all spread across mid field, kill points, assassinate enemy nominated general. His general was Ghaz, mine was my Librarian. A little disparity in durability there, but then again my Lib had a Land Raider to hide inside. My opponent was using a ton of boyz, obligatory lootaz, 6 kans, mega armor nobs and ghaz in a rolla wagon. I deployed in the opposite half of where the majority of his  boyz were deployed so that they'd have to take many turns to slog across the board (which they did).

The game was going alright but at his turn 2 (might have been 3) he waagh'd and took me by surprise. I really overlooked the threat range of the battlewagon during waagh and it totally clubbed all over my army. I lost almost 3 tanks instantly from a multi-charge of mega nobs w/ ghaz. I really thought I was going to get in another turn of shooting so I had ignored the battlewagon the previous turn and it was fully operational.

Honor Guard to the semi-rescue; their double tapping plasma guns the only thing really left to put down the hurt on his ultra killy HQ bodyguard unit.. Killed off a few and then got assaulted by the survivors and ran off the board. The Land Raider managed to finish off Ghaz and his retinue but I had suffered huge casualties with a melted away left flank, leaving an open path for his boyz horde and remaining kans. Game ended turn 5, he had I think 3 objectives and I contested one. By game's end my right flank survivors consisted of a tactical squad, rhino, predator, and weapon destroyed + immobile baal.

It was a total bloodbath and a huge amount of fun. I was glad I was able to nab his HQ but a loss indeed it was.  I'm already pumped to go back down for the next tourney...  

More to come!


  1. Nice to see my army in pictures! I was your third round opponent. I was poking around to see what this "Legion" thing was all about and somehow the name of the champion came up. That brought me here :-D

    I had a great time as well and I hope to see you around 3play again some time. You have a very cool army and your tactics make clear why you won the Legion Regional.

    @All other blog viewers: Steve is too honorable to say it, so I will: he had some absolutely wretched luck during this match. After turn 3, it seemed like he couldn't pass a psychic test, let alone an armor save or two critical leadership tests. I don't know if it decided the game, but it certainly help push things in my favor.

  2. Hey Drew,
    I really enjoyed that match we played. I have never had the privilege of fighting such an impressive looking Ork army. As you may have deducted - you did get my vote for best sportsman and it's too bad you didn't get the award because you got second place.

    I don't think my poor luck towards the end was a big factor; you definitely had the superior tactics that game. My Blood Dragons will be seeking revenge next go-around... The greenskin menace must be purged from the galaxy...