Sunday, September 18, 2011

The dark powers of Commorragh - Archon wargear selection

Archons are probably my favorite HQ unit in 40k that I've had the chance to field. As I have mentioned before, I'm not a fan of named characters at all. Counts-as would be a little more bearable, but if I fielded one I would lose the immersion of uniqueness to my armies. Anyways, archons basically do what captains do for my two blood angels armies - they're not your typical support HQ acting as a force multiplier, instead they're simply here to add killing ability and nothing more. While the SM captain often falls short of my expectations, the archon does not.

Yes... That is a box of Reeses Puffs behind them. What of it!?!?

But what wargear do you take? My first archon was running the straight-out-of-blister  soul trap / huskblade combo. It's actually quite entertaining to use this loadout, and I usually kill an IC every single game with this dude. But what about duality? He falls a bit short when I'm tarpitted by mobs and the huskblade bonus is moot, and has no capability against vehicles unless I give him haywire grenades which require closing distance... Not always possible.

I wanted to paint a new commander like boba fett because I am running with a star wars jabba's palace theme. This also gave me an excuse to go for a totally different wargear setup. Blaster, djin blade and phantasm grenade launcher. The latter was pretty much an oversight on my first archon - I feel like this upgrade should always be taken, especially when he's rollin with the Incubi. Blaster makes use of his BS 7, and the djin blade is basically a sooped up power weapon in my mind. Not convinced it was the smarter choice over an agonizer... Only time will tell. Shadowfield for both of them I think. Clone field has been fun but gets shredded if your opponent catches you in the open for one round of shooting.

Really enjoying this army so far. The venoms hit so hard and I don't feel like I am wasting points on Troop selection. The dark powers have favored my first archon- I hope boba fett is up to the challenge. Probably going to go for 3 Talos as heavy support and get a raider-borne haemonculus / wrack retinue to cast off a portal.

More to come

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stalemate with the Ultramarines

Pictures from last Sunday of a glorious marine on marine battle that ended in a draw. Capture and control.

+ 701.M41 + Battle Barge Daughter of Tempests + Mining world Slaughterhouse III +  Mission Status: Ultramarines Irreparable - evidence found consorting with Xenos + Course of Action: + EXTERMINATUS + Deploy 1st Company +