Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vindicator skill-shot

Pic taken during the legion qualifier tournament today. Round 3 vs dark eldar, I just had to capture this memory. Remaining vindicator on the right side kills 3 Raiders in one shot (kill points game). This pretty much makes up for all the times my vindicators have sucked, and it's moments like these that keep them in my lists.

Anyways, I tied for 1st in this tournament with 3 wins and 1 draw. Top 4 advance on to the finals which will be vs. dudes from other stores in Canada and New Hampshire.

More to come

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foot sloggin' it up - Blood Dragons style

One type of army list I really like to field: All infantry in power armor. Unfortunately I don't do this very often for a few reasons. Well, one reason really - that it doesn't work well against competitive lists. It's fine vs. hobby lists but I struggle against lots of vehicles (even when every squad is packing melta - it's easy for vehicles to keep their distance unless I am using jump packs).

Today I figured what the hell - and went with 1500 points worth of pure infantry. It's actually pretty fun how dynamic my Blood Dragons army can be. One game I am fielding 57 (!!!) dudes in power armor, the next I am fielding 8 tanks. The sheer variety I can get out of these guys will keep me playing them for quite some time. The list I fielded comprised of 4x 10 man tactical squads (each with a meltagun, powerfists and varying combi-weapons / bolt pistols on sergeants) a 10 man devastator squad (4x las), plasma honor guard, captain, librarian.

Played a battle mission vs. a really nice looking Imperial Fist army. He also plays Tau and kicks butt at the store with them. This battle mission was Ambush (probably more specific, I am not familiar with the battle missions rules) where I deployed in the middle and he got to deploy along the sides (I was the force being ambushed). Even though the battle was pretty uneventful it was fun. I don't blame my opponent for being careful - I would also not want to charge head first into that many marines! Game ended 2-1 KPs in my favor.

Second game I played today was using my typical mech list vs. CSM in preparation for a 1750 pt LEGION tournament next week. Units worked how they were supposed to (including Vindicators, *gasp*) and I ended up winning that game as well.

Hopefully the posts will be coming more frequently now... Although I am really addicted to World of Tanks. Dark Eldar are still in the works.

More to come

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2000 point mech list - BA

I am going to try and paint up my 3rd Baal Predator to finish this 2000 point mech list I will be bringing to future tournaments..

HQ (1):

Librarian - 100
w/ Blood Lance, Shield of Sanguinius

Honor Guard - 175
w/ 4x Plasma Guns
Razorback - 90
w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon


Tactical Squad - 210
10 man w/ Meltagun, Combi-Melta, Powerfist
Land Raider Redeemer - 250
w/ Multi-Melta

Tactical Squad - 220
10 man w/ Meltagun, Lascannon, Combi-Melta, Powerfist
Rhino - 50

FAST (3):

Baal Predator - 145
w/ Heavy Bolter sponsons

Baal Predator - 145
w/ Heavy Bolter sponsons

Baal Predator - 145
w/ Heavy Bolter Sponsons

HEAVY (3):

Predator - 180
w/ Twin-Linked Lascannon, Lascannon sponsons

Vindicator - 145

Vindicator - 145

Total: 2000

List thoughts:

HQ- I have been using this basic Librarian configuration for a while now and it works quite well. He chills with the 1st tactical squad in the land raider redeemer, positioned in the middle of all my tanks while casting off shield to them. Honor guard are a fun unit and I have been quite successful with them. They're my answer for scary stuff that can't be punked by the vindicators (eternal warriors, T6+ MC etc). Twin-linked lascannon razorback, especially fast, is the boss.

TROOPS- First tac squad in the raider is the hub of the army- the LRR is integral and when I lose it things go south quickly... It usually does its job quite well, I keep it sitting back away from melta. The Flamestorms are there for counter attack and to keep my opponent afraid of approaching the parking lot. Both tactical squads have some hitting power against mech if I need it. Power fists are a must. Lascannon out the top of the Rhino if it's sitting behind stuff (usually is) and not moving. Second squad is really an objective holder. Oh, and 2 troops does work, even at this point value. It's risky, but the points spent in other areas (AV 13 tanks) make the risk worth taking.

FAST ATTACK- The bread and butter... The meat and potatoes... 3x baal preds, standard config with assault cannons and heavy bolters. Naked flamestorms are fun, but asscan/HB are the best. These guys kill light armor, infantry, anything really that isnt AV 12+. They are useful vs. all kinds of opponents.

HEAVY SUPPORT- The hard hitters. 2x Vindi's like always. Anti-terminator, anti-nobs, anti-high-save-anything-scary that needs to die. Also there to crack heavy vehicles if required. They draw fire frequently which is a good thing, as they are pretty easy to give cover saves to from other vehicles. Predator with all-las is something I haven't tried yet. Had the points to spare, and yes it is expensive. Is it as good as the auto-las points wise, probably not a chance. However, lascannons are something this list needs - not autocannons. With the las turret I can actually comfortably engage AV13. I guess I'll find out soon enough if 180 points is too high a price to pay.

More to come