Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foot sloggin' it up - Blood Dragons style

One type of army list I really like to field: All infantry in power armor. Unfortunately I don't do this very often for a few reasons. Well, one reason really - that it doesn't work well against competitive lists. It's fine vs. hobby lists but I struggle against lots of vehicles (even when every squad is packing melta - it's easy for vehicles to keep their distance unless I am using jump packs).

Today I figured what the hell - and went with 1500 points worth of pure infantry. It's actually pretty fun how dynamic my Blood Dragons army can be. One game I am fielding 57 (!!!) dudes in power armor, the next I am fielding 8 tanks. The sheer variety I can get out of these guys will keep me playing them for quite some time. The list I fielded comprised of 4x 10 man tactical squads (each with a meltagun, powerfists and varying combi-weapons / bolt pistols on sergeants) a 10 man devastator squad (4x las), plasma honor guard, captain, librarian.

Played a battle mission vs. a really nice looking Imperial Fist army. He also plays Tau and kicks butt at the store with them. This battle mission was Ambush (probably more specific, I am not familiar with the battle missions rules) where I deployed in the middle and he got to deploy along the sides (I was the force being ambushed). Even though the battle was pretty uneventful it was fun. I don't blame my opponent for being careful - I would also not want to charge head first into that many marines! Game ended 2-1 KPs in my favor.

Second game I played today was using my typical mech list vs. CSM in preparation for a 1750 pt LEGION tournament next week. Units worked how they were supposed to (including Vindicators, *gasp*) and I ended up winning that game as well.

Hopefully the posts will be coming more frequently now... Although I am really addicted to World of Tanks. Dark Eldar are still in the works.

More to come

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  1. I think that not having vehicles might have actually saved you in that game against Tau. Tau are king at sniping tanks from across the board, but will struggle to eliminate whole infantry squads without exposing themselves to return fire.

    Glad to see you did the smart thing and remained static. Some people see they're playing Tau and just go haring across the board at them and get cut to pieces.

    Good luck at the Legion Qualifier!