Friday, March 4, 2011

Lamenters Stormraven / Furioso

Finished painting this a while back (actually before the kit was released, this is a black box one) but never got around to posting pics. I've only had a chance to use it in a couple of games as these past weekends I had been using my Blood Dragons for tourney practice.

Anyway, I loaded it for deep strike use: assault cannons and TL multimelta. I was strongly considering going TL las and typhoon though, as said configuration can pump out 4 bloodstrikes, 2 kraks and the TL las turn 1 if you're deployed starting on the table. That's some serious AT firepower no doubt. I'd only do such a thing if I had first turn though.

It's a cool unit and fun to use... But is the Stormraven actually worth its points? It's killed easy, but it does have a certain "surprise mothafucka!" factor that I seem to be running with in my Lamenters. I am really considering bringing it to the 1500 pt finals up in VT - loaded with a furioso dread ofc. 

That brings me to the Furioso. I debated for a long time whether or not to give it a heavy flamer or just run with the regular stormbolter. I went with the flamer and decided I could always rip it off and downgrade later if it came to that. I know that generally flamers on dreads aren't so great, because you want to stay in combat for a turn and not kill off a whole squad in one go - but I can't imagine the Furioso amassing a lot of kills using Blood Fists. I opted for the Blood Fists over the Talons for the sake of versatility. There is no denying that Blood Talons are crazy awesome, I just think that I would be a little better off with the Str 10 in my army.


  1. Always good to see another Lamenter. well done on the raven.

  2. hey mate, very nice looking lamenter paintwork there.

    is that just using iyanden darksun or do you use other colours?

    i have great trouble getting a nice smooth finish with my assult marine helmets or anything yellow generally, at the moment i use a IDS base with built of layers of golden yellow (watered down) but its still not as even as i would like.

    great blog, great painting

  3. Yes, it's Iyanden Darksun on top of a Desert Yellow spray coat. It also has a Gryphonne Sepia wash. Last is golden yellow highlight.

    Thanks for your comments