Sunday, March 13, 2011

Legion regional tournament - Victory

Saturday was the day of the very first 40K legion regional tournament up in the vermont / quebec area. There are other stores now joining up into this "legion" group, some from new hampshire, perhaps more from canada and upstate NY. It looks like legion is shaping up to becoming the major multi-store 40k network in the northern new england.

Placing at 5th in the qualifier 2 weeks ago I didn't perform how I wanted to with my Blood Dragons, but I did learn alot of new tricks and tactics to playing with my mech list. Up until friday I was pretty set on bringing my Lamenters to carry the day instead - but I am glad I changed my mind last minute!

This time around I went 4-0, taking names and kicking butt in honor of the emperor. I only tweaked my list a tiny bit from the qualifier, just dropping a lascannon for a combi melta, otherwise the only thing I changed was my deployment strategy.

Castle formation / refused flank is how I deployed for most of my games, with vehicles generating cover saves off of eachother (and shield giving 5+ to those in the front). With covered AV 13/14 the only possible targets, my opponents were quite challenged in actually causing significant damage. The durability of my list is what carried the day along with some smart plays like bubble wrapping my tanks in a corner vs podded 10x combi melta sterngaurd.

For those curious, the list was as follows: (1500 pts)

HQ (1):
w/ Shield & Blood Lance


Tac Squad (10 man)
w/ Meltagun
Land Raider Redeemer w/ Multi-Melta

Tac Squad (10 man)
w/ Meltagun, Sergeant w/ Combi-Melta & Powerfist

FAST (2):

2x Baal Predators w/ TL Assault Cannon, HB sponsons

HEAVY (3):

2x Vindicators

Predator w/ Las sponsons

More to come

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