Friday, May 30, 2014

Back from the dead

It is a new era of Warhammer 40,000!

After not playing any 40K for quite a long time, I figured the advent of 7th edition would be a good time to materialize into realspace once again and crush the enemies of mankind.

I liked 6th quite a bit, but I only played it at the very beginning. Maybe a dozen games or so. Real life made me have to take a step back (moving to a new city, new job, starting my life in the real world). After more than a year of no Warhammer in my life, I had a craving that could not be controlled. I need my GW toy soldiers! The emperor commands me.

Anyways, bought the new rulebook a few days ago, and went down to Dragon's Lair in Austin last night for my initiation into the Thursday night casual play scene.

The game seems so foreign to me. I saw so many bizarre models. There was a time in 5th edition, when I was heavily involved in the competitive scene, where I could have recited the stat-line of any unit in the game from memory. Now I cannot even name half the models on the tables, let alone what they do, or if it's  a creature or a vehicle.

Riptides, Helldrakes, Necron ring-pop fortress city with cthulu arms. Eldar wraith knights. This is not the 40K I remember, but that's okay. I still had fun.

Played 2 matches (using 7th rules), 1 at 1250 points vs Necrons and 1 at 1500 pts vs Space Wolves. Both were pretty crushing defeats for the Lamenters, but I was putting myself in unfavorable situations on purpose in order to put myself in a position to learn the rules better. I think the 6th edition competitiveness of my Lamenters is mostly gone. BA psykers and the way psychic powers themselves work has been totally changed. Almost everyone I saw playing was using flyers, my armies have no AA (What's this skyfire shenanigans?).

So what is the next step? Tournament on Sunday. My skills might be as rusty as a total newbie, my armies may be so last year, but as a faithful servant of the imperium I must put these xenos pretenders to the sword - or die with honor.

More to come