Monday, July 23, 2012

6th 1750 batrep BA vs GK

Here is a rundown of the match I played at the BFS club vs. GK. A different GK player than yesterday, but a somewhat similar list. Lots of foot PAGK with psycannons. This army however had 2x psyrifle dreads and a LRC, with a unit of standard terminators.

Battle deployment was the diagonal one again. Still can't remember what it's called. Mission was big guns never tire w/ 4 objectives. But do I really care what the mission is? Not particularly. With 2x five man scoring units, my objective is to utterly destroy my opponent.

Grey Knights had first turn and deployed first, but for the first time ever I seized the initiative! Aww yeah. Not only that, but first turn was night fight. ME GUSTA. That right there really sealed the game in my favor.

Starting deployment. As usual, termies mounted up & assault squads behind.

End of turn 1. LRC had shield from librarian, Baal was smoked.  With night fight, most of my units were receiving 4+ covers from his shooting, which only managed to knock off a couple hull points from glancing hits spread between my tanks.

End of my turn 2. By now, the battle was basically won. His LRC had 1 hull point left and was immobilized. By the end of turn 3, nearly every grey knight model was off the board.

On turn 4 he was officially tabled. Good game and fun opponent. I am really pumped that the Lamenters are kicking ass in 6th. My hobby army just became my competitive army overnight.

More to come

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reports from the front lines

So I played 2 games today.

First match was 1850 points, basically I used my 1750 list below, dropped some sergeant wargear, dropped the baal pred, and added 5x more terminators with a CML.

First opponent was foot-based GK with Draigo and 2 units of paladins. Lots and lots of psycannons, I want to say at least around fifteen.

Game type was 4 objectives with diagonal deployment.

I had first turn, combat squadded my 10 man terminators and put 5 in the LR with the other 5 on foot (with both CMLs). Assault marine squads hide behind LRs. Moved 18" with both raiders on turn 1.

His first turn, dropped my LRC to 1 hullpoint from tons of glances with all his psycannon shooting. He tried to assault my LRC with his draigo+paladin squad but failed to do any damage.

My next turn, I tank shocked, dumped all my models, and assaulted. There was some shooting here and there, but the focus was the assault. In 2 turns of assault I wiped draigo and his unit of paladins for the loss of 1x TH/SS and my captain (he got insta-killed by draigo when I failed my look out sir).

By turn 5, I had moved on and wiped his other paladin squad with my deathstar, and my opponent surrendered. A very solid victory with minimal casualties, not a common achievement for the lamenters. My LRC did get destroyed, but the other LR remained untouched even after repeated bombardment by psycannons. I think my prediction of raiders still being viable for 6th was right.

Second game was vs. orks. Horde army with 130+ models led by ghazkull. Same mission, 4 objectives, but with pitched battle deployment. Unfortunately we didn't have time to finish our game as the store was closing. We made it to the end of turn 4, and things could have gone either way. Basically I spent the entire first 3 turns turtling and doing as much shooting as possible, then on turn 4 I disgorged both LR payloads into the heart of the horde and did a lot of damage. Can't say if I would have been overwhelmed or not. It was close.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lamenters 1750 list

HQ (2):
Captain - 165
w/ Terminator Armor, Lightning Claw, Storm Shield
Librarian - 145
w/ Terminator Armor, Storm Shield, Force Axe
Sanguinary Priest - 85
w/ Terminator Armor, Power Sword
Terminator Assault Squad - 225
w/ 5x Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Crusader - 260
w/ Multi-Melta
Terminator Squad - 230
w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider - 260
w/ Multi-Melta
Assault Squad - 115
Sergeant w/ Infernus Pistol
Assault Squad - 140
Sergeant w/ Infernus Pistol, Power Fist
Baal Predator - 125
w/ Flamestorm Cannon, Stormbolter

General strategy is to have all termies mounted up (Capt, Libby & Priest go in LRC) with Jump marines moving up behind the land raiders.

LRC goes in front, moves flat out first turn for 18" total while Lib casts shield (can I still do that?) giving it a 5+. I know that there isn't a 6" bubble around the vehicle anymore though, but that's okay. Standard LR will move 12" and stay behind LRC to also grant it a cover save, machine spiriting 1 las somewhere.

Baal will either outflank or stay close to deathstar, depending on opponent, mission, whatever. I'm not too concerned, it's almost always worth its points no matter how I play it. There are 2 reasons for the stormbolter upgrade: #1, it essentially gives me a 50% save vs. a weapon destroyed, #2, I can always fire it full BS whenever I'd be firing the flamestorm anyway.

I am not a fan of throwing in the extra crap (Infernus pistols particularly) on the Assault squads, but I had extra points and didn't know what to do with them. Might give extra armor to the LRs instead.

Obviously, this list is focused on getting the mega deathstar unit into melee (Furious charge, FNP, preferred enemy, with everyone but the priest toting 3++.). The standard LR and termies are there for backup.

Like always I am open to critique here. I realize a few things are not exactly competitive, like the Captain. I just like the model too much not to use him.

I should have reports from the field in a few days. May tweak the list before then. More to come.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Daddy for Lamenters

 So I finished painting my new captain for my Lamenters last night and thought I would post up some pics. This is a converted FW Asterion Moloc model. All the Minotaurs iconography has been removed, and I added some blood angels bits on him. Instead of using the power spear he comes with I opted for a lightning claw. This is primarily for gameplay purpose but also I have a  small preference to the overall look of the lightning claw. Seems a little meaner.

I suppose it's a bit ironic that Asterion Moloc's chapter, the Minotaurs, are responsible for defeating the Lamenters in the Badab war and now I'm using his model as my commander.

 This is my first real attempt at NMM painting. I am pretty happy with the results.

 More shots:


Sunday, July 1, 2012

My opinion on 6th

First I'll say I won't bother going over all the rules changes. There are plenty of places on the net where to find out about that. This is post is basically going to say what I think of 6th.

I don't know where to start honestly. Overall, I think the new rules are excellent. Moving is basically the same... but as far as shooting goes; wound allocation, viable targets, focusing fire. All that stuff is great. The new assault rules are good too. I like the Look Out Sir Rules! and character challenges.

My only two things I had a problem with initially are pre-measuring being in (as judging distances was a learned skill) and random charge lengths. I am going to try and reserve judgment on both of those, as all the other rules are very cool.

New vehicle damage is awesome (Let me just say necron gauss weapons are KING once again) and makes sense, I like the passive nerf to krak missiles (and all AT weapons AP3 or worse, I'm looking at you psyrifle spam) and vehicle spammy lists in general thanks to the hullpoint system. Don't call me biased! - this is coming from a dude whose biggest army is mech angels.

I still have to look over the psychic powers more, but I like the different mastery levels having different shut-down capability, with even basic troops being able to shut-down on a 6. New missions are great, new cover system is great. Really, 6th edition, overall, is a major improvement. I am so glad that all the doomsday sayers were wrong. And if this is just Fantasy rules in space as some have been saying (I don't play WHFB nor know the rules), I could care less, because it's AWESOME.

Observations... 2+ armor saves are pretty dominant now with most specialist melee weapons being AP3. This also means regular terminators are going to be back in the groove, even though I've been running them throughout 5th. Calling it right now, Plasma guns and Lascannons are back for marines and Necrons just got a serious bump in army power. I'd expect to see them as top contenders at tournaments now, like Wolves and GK used to be.

More to come