Monday, July 23, 2012

6th 1750 batrep BA vs GK

Here is a rundown of the match I played at the BFS club vs. GK. A different GK player than yesterday, but a somewhat similar list. Lots of foot PAGK with psycannons. This army however had 2x psyrifle dreads and a LRC, with a unit of standard terminators.

Battle deployment was the diagonal one again. Still can't remember what it's called. Mission was big guns never tire w/ 4 objectives. But do I really care what the mission is? Not particularly. With 2x five man scoring units, my objective is to utterly destroy my opponent.

Grey Knights had first turn and deployed first, but for the first time ever I seized the initiative! Aww yeah. Not only that, but first turn was night fight. ME GUSTA. That right there really sealed the game in my favor.

Starting deployment. As usual, termies mounted up & assault squads behind.

End of turn 1. LRC had shield from librarian, Baal was smoked.  With night fight, most of my units were receiving 4+ covers from his shooting, which only managed to knock off a couple hull points from glancing hits spread between my tanks.

End of my turn 2. By now, the battle was basically won. His LRC had 1 hull point left and was immobilized. By the end of turn 3, nearly every grey knight model was off the board.

On turn 4 he was officially tabled. Good game and fun opponent. I am really pumped that the Lamenters are kicking ass in 6th. My hobby army just became my competitive army overnight.

More to come

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