Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reports from the front lines

So I played 2 games today.

First match was 1850 points, basically I used my 1750 list below, dropped some sergeant wargear, dropped the baal pred, and added 5x more terminators with a CML.

First opponent was foot-based GK with Draigo and 2 units of paladins. Lots and lots of psycannons, I want to say at least around fifteen.

Game type was 4 objectives with diagonal deployment.

I had first turn, combat squadded my 10 man terminators and put 5 in the LR with the other 5 on foot (with both CMLs). Assault marine squads hide behind LRs. Moved 18" with both raiders on turn 1.

His first turn, dropped my LRC to 1 hullpoint from tons of glances with all his psycannon shooting. He tried to assault my LRC with his draigo+paladin squad but failed to do any damage.

My next turn, I tank shocked, dumped all my models, and assaulted. There was some shooting here and there, but the focus was the assault. In 2 turns of assault I wiped draigo and his unit of paladins for the loss of 1x TH/SS and my captain (he got insta-killed by draigo when I failed my look out sir).

By turn 5, I had moved on and wiped his other paladin squad with my deathstar, and my opponent surrendered. A very solid victory with minimal casualties, not a common achievement for the lamenters. My LRC did get destroyed, but the other LR remained untouched even after repeated bombardment by psycannons. I think my prediction of raiders still being viable for 6th was right.

Second game was vs. orks. Horde army with 130+ models led by ghazkull. Same mission, 4 objectives, but with pitched battle deployment. Unfortunately we didn't have time to finish our game as the store was closing. We made it to the end of turn 4, and things could have gone either way. Basically I spent the entire first 3 turns turtling and doing as much shooting as possible, then on turn 4 I disgorged both LR payloads into the heart of the horde and did a lot of damage. Can't say if I would have been overwhelmed or not. It was close.

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