Friday, June 13, 2014

A brutal battle for the Relic

Lamenters vs. Imperial Guard (1500 pts)


+Inquisitorial Class C Encrypted Message:...Retrieve [REDACTED] heresy relic at any cost:... Local units may be TRAITOR..... Battle Barge Daughter of Tempests Mission Status: AFFIRMATIVE+

+Artifact Secured+

+Pict-Log M41.997+ Brother Captain of the First Company leads a heroic last charge

One last attempt by the traitor guardsmen to prevent the Lamenters from stealing their tainted relic

24 of 28 deployed battle brothers lost. Mission success. Deploy the servitors for body retrieval.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The struggle against 40K Flyers & Lords of War

Fight fire with fire, right?

I never expected things like Shadowswords to be legal in standard games of Warhammer 40K, but apparently that is now the case. I'm not saying they're too good or anything - actually I think it's pretty awesome, the problem is I am late to the bandwagon of super-heavies. Mega-tanks and walkers aren't even the issue though - well placed Terminators can usually take care of them. It's the rampant amount of Flying vehicles in 7th edition that is really giving me trouble. My army has no anti-air weapons at all, and when I'm almost guaranteed to be facing off against some flyers every match - something's gotta give.

The first thing that came to mind was my Stormraven. But just as I was placing my army case down on the floor... one model I own caught the corner of my eye as I spotted on the bottom shelf of my desk.


Snap crackle pop. Can't wait to dunk some of those Necron croissant buttheads into the freakin' DIRT!

More to come

40K 1000 pt doubles tournament, 7th ed

So at the local store today there was a doubles tournament using 7th edition rules. I was paired with a random partner who turned out to be pretty cool. He was playing Tyranids. Even though we only managed 1-win on our record, I'm not sure if that's really indicitive of our performance. One of the other matches would have definitely been in our favor had the time not elapsed before we had a chance to finish the bottom of turn 4 (we went second, so that was pretty lame). The other game we faced 2 knight titans, pylon shield fortification things, basically one of the most cheesiest doubles lists I've ever seen. The guys playing the lists were nice though, and I understand it is a tournament so people are allowed to bring whatever the rules allow.

Here are some pics. Lots of flyers and big scary crap on almost every table. I am getting a much better grasp on the rules though. I think after a few more games I might be able to get my mojo back.

More to come