Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first impressions of playing Dark Eldar...

Today I finally brought in my Dark Eldar (about 1000 points worth) for my first tries with them on the tabletop after slowly building up the force since December.

They are fun! I am really fond of the units I was using. The core of my force - won't call it an army just yet - is 4 venoms with 5 man warrior squads, with a blaster in each. Venoms of course have the second splinter cannon upgrade. Geez do those things pump out some hurt. Anything on foot without feel no pain just folds, seriously. I used the venoms almost exclusively in tandem with eachother in the 3 games I played today, pumping out 48 shots combined or 80!!! (+4 blaster) shots if I only moved 6" and was in double tap range for the warriors riding on back. MSU with venoms is pure gold. Free flickerfields. LOVE it.

My list was also really lacking anti-tank, but the few blasters and lances I brought to the table did impress me. I hear on the internets that dark eldar are only good at stun locking vehicles. This is not the case. Darklight is bad for your health my friends.

The archon with a huskblade is just a MURDER machine. So yeah he's only strength 3 and all, but man did I punk some IC's today! (One space marine captain, an ork warboss, and a tau crisis suit commander to be precise). Turned those suckers to dust. The four incubi he ran with were pretty decent too. Can't complain considering they're not too points heavy for how they perform. I also think that shadowfields are the way to go over clone+ghostplate. I tried running the clone and ghostplate combo my first two games but the big problem I found is still being very vulnerable to ranged weapons. We'll see, I'm still new to this.

My archon also got turned into a squig though. Damn that ork character is obnoxiously frustrating. Like this one time a shokk attack gun blows up my land raider on turn 1. Before I get on a tirade I'll just say that it's more demeaning to have your commander swap out for a squig than to have him killed. As someone who builds their lists around probability and perceived returns, Orks piss me off in 40k with their wonky rules that seemingly always work perfectly against me. Although I do love playing as orks in BFG. /rant :)

Went 2 wins 1 loss overall btw.

More to come (Next time I'll remember to take pictures...)

Friday, July 29, 2011


My Archon's new bodyguards... Ready for battle on Sunday. I used pilot helmets instead of the traditional helmets for a few reasons. I was concerned that the standard incubi head and back wing things would make the incubi look more menacing than the dude they are protecting. In other words, I didn't want them cramping my Archon's style. I think they turned out pretty neat... It's too bad with the poor lighting that you can't make out the contrast in the swords they've got (or Klaives if you want to be technical).

I would like to give them highlights with the rest of the army, but alas I don't have the time.. so as of right now detail work is reserved for my leaders.

BTW, the reason my Dark Eldar are brown is because I am loosely theming them off of Jabba's court from Return of the Jedi (hence the desert bases - the raiders are of course brown with orange sails). Oh man did I resist the temptation to paint my Archon like Boba Fett. I am actually looking forward to eventually making a display board for this army... Sarlacc Pit!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kin of Commorragh

After a long break of 40k, it looks like this coming Sunday my Dark Eldar are finally going to materialize into realspace and hit the gaming table.

To those lesser races... you have been warned!

More to come