Sunday, January 22, 2012

500 points of Eldar

What I've been fielding for the last two weekends for the 500 point league

Eldrad - 210
6x Pathfinders - 144
6x Pathfinders - 144

This is not competitive by any means unless I'm up against a suitable opponent. Vehicle heavy lists, assault oriented armies and flamers have been generally beating my ass.

What works:
Extreme survivability from ranged shooting. 2+/2+ cover save is unbreakable. I don't think I've lost a pathfinder to shooting while in cover + fortuned so far.

What doesn't:
13 models, extremely squishy in melee. Eldrad has been a champ though. (See pic below of him surrounded by Ork boyz. He survived the game locked in this assault for 2 turns). Sniper rifles are not the best anti-tank weapons.

Why I'm having a ton of fun with this army:
Infiltrating, Divination, the look on my opponents face when they first attempt shooting attacks on covered pathfinders. Mind War!

Eldrad and his crew

"No me gusta"

"It's a good day to die! (If you know the reasons why)"

More to come

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Their arrogance is matched only by their firepower"

There is a new army building and painting league going on. In my case I had to start a new project if I wanted to participate, as my Blood Angels armies are done and the DE are nearly finished.

The force I am starting with is looking like this:

Pathfinders and Eldrad... I wonder what tactics I could possibly be using :P

Eldar were one of my first armies back when I was younger, around 13 years old. I played Alaitoc and I have a bunch of old rangers to show for it.

By the way, yes, this is the first time I am ever fielding a special character. I have my reasons, so back off.

Lack of updates here can be attributed to SWTOR. (Powertech, yo).