Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blood Angels Godhammer LR capacity

I didn't notice this until now but the BA standard LR has a capacity of 10 which is mega lame. Vanil Marines have 12 capacity, as do DA I believe. Not sure about BT. Yes, as a BA player I have very little ground to stand on when it comes to whining...  I wouldn't care so much but the other (and more useful) LR's in the BA codex have appropriate capacities - 12 and 16 for the redeemer and crusader respectively... 

I tried googling the subject to see if anyone noticed the same oddity here. I guess I am the only BA player crazy enough to be using a godhammer LR in their army.


  1. DA is 10 so are SW... I'm guessing BT are 10 also, but I don't have the codex so I can't check. It almost seems like the 12 in Codex:SM is a mistake.

  2. He is right, space wolves land raiders are 10 capacity.

  3. very interesting... I guess that vanilla Marines are the ones with the mistake then, I could have sworn DA was 12 also. Oh well :(