Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tournament prep: dreads

I have decided that I want to include 2 dreads in my 1500 pt tourney list. I am going to play my Lamenters army the same way Grey Knights are played - by using an LR as a bunker with dreads hiding behind it for cover and to be there for a speed bump when I need it.

The las + ccw is the best combo for this. With a ML/autocannon I can't fire most of the time anyway as half of the dread is going to be covered by the LR - and the ccw is there to protect the castle from incoming troops. If I had points leftover I'd take lascannons on both dreads, but the second dread is getting a plasma cannon instead.

This sucker needs to be painted by Saturday!

This army list I'll be using will be Blood Angels in name only. LR + dread castle, 10 terminators, nothing about that is traditional BA. Will it work? I think it can, I have had success running the same strat with my own GK force.

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  1. I like dreadnoughts, sounds like a solid plan. Just watch out for lance spam!