Sunday, February 13, 2011

INCOMING: 1500 pt qualifier tournament

So the store in my area is hosting a 1500 pt qualifier tournament in conjunction with 3 other stores in the region. The top 4 players of this 16 person event will advance to a 16 person regional final tournament. Effectively it's a 64 person event, so it's pretty serious and I'll be needing to bring my A-game, and A-list.

This means no-go on the Lamenters. They've had their glory in the last 2 tournaments placing 1st and 3rd but I feel that they won't cut it against the best players from the other stores if I do end up advancing in the qualifier.

My Dark Eldar aren't nearly battle-ready, Guard & Eldar are at home in NY and Grey Knights are shelved until the new codex drops.

I have been itching to get my Blood Dragons on the table again. They've really been collecting dust since I last used them in November-ish. I got some new models today, (one of which is a super duper awesome forgeworld librarian given to me by the champion Hurricane James) which I will be adding to my Dragons force in order to 'WAAC-it-up.

Army plans for the 1500 event is as follows:
(1) HQ - stock Librarian, w/ Shield of Sang and something else, not sure what yet. Blood Lance maybe?
(0) ELITES- none
(2) TROOPS -  10 man tactical squad w/ powerfist and meltagun, inside a land raider redeemer with a MM upgrade.
- another 10 man tactical squad, w/ lascannon and meltagun, inside a rhino.
(2) FAST - 2x baal predators, both with assault cannons and heavy bolter sponsons.
(3) HEAVY - 2x vindicators, and a predator with autocannon /las sponsons.

So on the table will be a land raider redeemer, a rhino, 2 vindicators, 2 baal predators, and a regular predator. First ever parking-lot / mech list I've made :P

Assault squad would be the better option in the LRR but I don't have the models. Oh well, I think this is a hard hitting and durable list anyway.

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