Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1250 pt Tournament Results

Well, I ended up bringing my Lamenters for a second tournament. They're the most fun to play out of all of my armies so I can't really resist using them. There's a 1500 pt regional tournament with a qualifier tournament happening soon in the area (yeah it'll be pretty intense, the top 4 players from 4 different stores advance to a regional throw down to see who's champion in the area) and I'll probably end up using Lamenters again.

So, down to what I used in the 1250:
Captain w/ Jump Pack, 2x Assault Squads w/ Jump Packs, 10 man terminator squad, and a Land Raider. Simple and tiny. I either castle up or deep strike everything depending on my opponent.

Round 1: Vs. Imperial Guard - Seize Ground - 3 objectives. This game was close up until about turn 4 when an earthshaker cannon hit my assault marine squad (with captain) which was to hold 2 objectives, caused an Ld test, and I rolled an 11 and ran off the board. Totally sucked, but that's 40k for you. My mistake for hanging out so close to the edge. I ended up losing this game, IG held 1 objective, I held 0.

Round 2 Vs. Blood Angels - Capture and Control. This poser totally copied my style and decided to use 10 shooty terminators in his force, albeit with assault cannons instead of CML. Vindicator, baal predator, scouts, Librarian.... All comers list pretty much. Lamenters made it known who the superior successor chapter was. Objectives held 2 - 0.

Round 3 Vs. Space Marines - Kill Points. I knew all along this game was going to be a breeze as the army I had selected is well optimized for this mission. I had 5 killpoints in my force, over half of my army invested into a Land Raider and Terminators. I castled up and killed a drop pod, predator, and attack bike squad. I lost an assault squad but my Terminators and Land Raider took a lot of punishment and lasted throughout the game. 3-1 KPs.

Round 4 Vs. Tyranids - Assassination. Enemy general was a Hive Tyrant. I hid my captain with 5 terminators behind the Land Raider.. While everything else surrounded the Hive Tyrant, who died on turn 3 before even being assaulted. Lascannons on the Raider + infernus pistols... Yeeeeah, no invo sucked for that dude.

So I ended the tournament with a 3-1 record and nabbed 3rd place. I'm happy with that. Army thoughts? The internet is wrong about Land Raiders! My LR amassed about 5 or 6 vehicle kills the duration of the tournament and never died on me while soaking boatloads of long range str 8-9 fire. The winner was of course Hurricane James, the fleebsy space wolf player I crushed from Round 4 in the first tournament! I'm out for blood now...

More to come


  1. nicely done. At 1250pts the raiders power is stronger as few armies at this points level have the consistent level of antitank you face at higher points levels that can make the raider problematic. Excellent use of tactics to get the most out of your build and very well earned by the sounds of it 3rd place.

  2. It was a pretty good tournament :) I am still pretty stunned that I took 1st, However I didn't get vengeance against the lamenters this time around :D Justice will be brought forth to the traitors of the emperor!

  3. HQ
    Rune Priest [Chooser Of The Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane] 110 pts
    Rune Priest [Living Lightning, Jaws Of The World Wolf] 100
    Rune Priest [Living Lightning, Storm Caller, Chooser Of The Slain, Saga Of The Beast Slayer] 120
    Grey Hunters X7[ Melta Gun, Wolf Standard, Rhino] 155 pts
    Grey Hunters X7 [Melta Gun, Wolf Standard, Rhino] 155 pts
    Grey Hunters X7 [Melta Gun, Wolf Standard, ,Rhino]155 pts
    Grey Hunters X5[Melta Gun, Razorback TLLC] 155 pts
    WolfGuardX3 [3Power Fists, 3 Combi Metla] 129
    Fast Attack
    Land SpeederX2 (MM,HF) 140

    Heavy Support
    Long Fangs X6 [5 Missile Launchers] 140
    Long Fangs X6 [5 Missile Launchers]140

  4. cut a rune priest and a reduce long fang to 5 man, then use the pts to add another long fang squad. :)

  5. another 80 bucks for Missile launchers though D: