Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blood Dragons are GO

Here it is, the army I'll be using in an upcoming 1500 pt tournament. First time ever I've used a completely mechanized list. Well, it's not really mech - more like 2 tac squads and tank spam.

I think one of the real hidden jems of BA is not only are Baal preds excellent units but they're fast attack slots (got the pair of vindis when the new codex dropped and the baals were no longer heavies). This means BA players can field 3x nice AV13 heavies on top of whatever baals are in the force, and of course land raiders are dedicated transports now too. If someone told me that an army like this would be LEGAL just three years ago I would have thought they were insane. But this is now the meta of 5th edition, and codexes have gotten alot stronger. At least BA aren't the worst culprit when it comes to heavy tank spam (cough guard).

The Predator with auto/las and Rhino are recent additions to the force, along with that single unpainted dude up front. That's my Librarian I got from Hurricane James, a local space wolves player and tourney winner. Lets see how well he does against this AV13 steel wall!

More to come!

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