Friday, November 18, 2011

Sanguinary priests ready for battle

Tomorrow is tournament day!... Got some bits in from the warstore this afternoon to whip up these 2 guys real fast for a tournament. The painting style was an experiment but I think it came out pretty decently (process went like; basecoat white, 2 blue washes, white drybrushing and brown wear, devlan mud wash, damage etc). aka quite simple to paint - how I like it.

Sanguinary priests have kinda been the missing link of my Lamenters army for quite some time. I have always had the intention of getting a few and now I am pumped to get these gentlemen on the table. FNP is really going to help my lack of ability to roll 2+ armor saves.

Did I mention my hammernators are finally done too? :)

More to come

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