Sunday, June 19, 2011

A weekend of 40k

Saturday was the LEGION finals. Lots of good looking armies, great tables and most importantly a really friendly crowd. I really wish 40k was like this everywhere. Where you can walk out of the store, grab a bite to eat and not worry about some jerk five-finger-discounting your army. Where there is not your typical "TFG".  Hard to believe we really don't have one up here. Everyone is friendly and there is little, if any, drama to speak of. And where there is some hot competition without the usual baggage of jerk players, cheaters, or sore losers. All the people from the other stores were mad chill. Northeast 40k community represent, yo. Mini wargaming at its finest.

I managed to go 3 wins 1 loss in the tournament, which placed me in a 3 way tie for 2nd place - battle points dropped me down to 4th place (haha, someone had to get it) so no trophy this time! It's all good, I took first place in the last one so the other guys need their share of glory. The dudes who came down from triple play were (as expected from the ass kickery when we went down there a few months ago) pretty rockin players. Really cool looking armies too, especially the Deathwing force that nabbed 1st place. I wish I went around and took pictures of all the armies this time... It's hard to have a store rivalry when they kick the snot out of us most of the time, haha.

Armies I fought were Draigo Wing mega deathstar (Triple Play'r, kicked my ass), Dark Eldar (no problem for mech BA), Necrons (poor codex, not too much he could do), and an Ork Nob army (Yeeeah, lets just say the vindicators were MVP's of the day).

All good games, all good fun.

Then today I came back for more! Got 2 games in, first was 1850pts  vs. the venerable local known as "Sharky" (we all have nicknames) who unfortunately could not make the qualifier due to his participation in the marathon. He is really starting to get a competitive list going, and without help from the nets mind you (so he claims, lol). Second match I played all-infantry vs. a vehicle-light Grey Knight army at 1500 pts. Massive amounts of plasma guns made short work of that opponent...

Some cool pictures of the Dragons bringing the pain.... Ultramarines dare oppose us!?

 More to come

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  1. That Grey Knights army needs a storm raven