Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First flames of war models...

Panther & Tiger II

 These 2 tanks only took a couple hours to complete from start to finish. I am pretty happy with the results. Getting a full army completed shouldn't take long!

The division I am playing for FoW is the Panzer div. Muncheberg circa April 1945, the last days of the war in Europe. I weathered a lot of grey on these tanks to represent that they have been heavily involved in the desperate street fighting in Berlin against the Soviets. It would be alot of fun to make a display board once the army is completed.. I already have some ideas :)

Unfortunately army building for FoW is not currently as flexible as I'd like. By this stage of the war the Germans were using mostly ad-hoc units to defend against the Russians and the Muncheberg consisted of a mess of different vehicles. As of right now I am planning on fleshing out the army by buying more Panthers to fill compulsary Tank platoons... I would like to use some Stug G's but I cannot find an armored company army list that will let me field both Stugs and Panthers as compulsary platoon units.

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